Dust Sampling Kits

x-cell 100

Federal state and local agencies along with universities, national laboratories, and emergency response teams have recognized the X-Cell 100 Dust Sampling Sock as an effective means for collecting unknown dust particles for analysis. The heart of the filter sock is made from a proprietary media developed by DuPont and is available only through Midwest Filtration LLC. The X-Cell 100 fits in a wide variety of cleaner nozzles.

Specially designed mounting and crevice tools are available to make it easier to use the X-Cell 100. Midwest Filtration also sells various types of HEPA vacuum cleaners and accessories to offer further protection when working with unknown dust particles.

Available exclusively from Midwest Filtration:

  • Bag Size: 9.125" Long x 4.00" Wide
  • 50 socks per Ziploc® bag
  • For use with Midwest Filtration OMEGA VAC
  • Disposable inlet assemblies (sold separately)
  • Same or Next Day Delivery

Coulter Pore Size (Microns):

  • Maximum 12.3
  • Mean 6.7
  • Minimum 4.0

Particle Retention Efficiency @ 10 fpm:

  • 1.1 Micron Latex Sphere 97%
  • 0.3 Micron D.O.P. aerosol 80%

x-cell 200

The X-Cell-200 sample collection is a ready-to-use pre-packed tool for easy storage and quick responder access. The kit includes a pre-loaded filter sock and disposable fitted nozzles for rapid sampling. A 50 ML conical specimen tube and two re-sealable shipping bags. The packages have frosted data areas for easy marking and identification of collected samples.

All-inclusive, pre-packed, ready-to-use in the field!

  • Easy to handle in “hot areas”
  • Pre-loaded filter sock and Disposable Fitted Nozzles aid rapid sampling
  • 50 ml conical specimen tube
  • Includes two re-sealable shipping bags
  • Frosted areas on packaging for easily marking and identifying collected samples
  • Same or Next Day Delivery
  • Economical, Effective, Reliable