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Our experience base includes numerous industries including the metalworking, pool & spa, pharmaceuticals, drinking water, hydraulic fluid, fuel, oil, wastewater, HVAC, vacuum cleaners, respirators, engine filtration, food processing, industrial chemicals, emergency response, medical.

High Volume Die Cutting
Midwest has expanded its die cutting capability by adding a high volume belt driven die press. The machine can handle multiple wide width master rolls of the same or dis-similar media. This significantly increases its die cutting capabilities and the finished part sizes it can make. In addition, the increased tonnage allows for more layers and better yield.
Expanded Roll Media Converting
Midwest has increased its slitting and rerolling capacity and improved capability. Several new machines have been added. These machines have greater slitting tolerance, width and speed, thus providing greater flexibility and shorter lead times.
ISO 9001/2008
Eagle Registrations Inc. has updated Midwest Filtration's ISO Certification to 9001/2008. As part of Midwest's ongoing commitment to quality and service to its customers. Updated processes, procedures and on-going commitment to improvement are the hallmark to the quality program. Maintaining our quality policy of "Doing Our Best the First Time; Working to be Better Every Time"