Tape Application

A new capability has been added at Midwest to precision apply two sided adhesive tape to nonwoven fabrics.

Fabric Molding and Compression

Midwest adds to its fabric molding capability. Larger size molded parts can now be made. Equipment can now handle a wider range of media types providing better control over dimensional tolerances.

Water Filtration

Midwest has now expanded its presence in the water filtration market by producing custom filter wraps. These wraps can be precision cut with compressed edges. This unique capability is provided by the belt driven die press acquired in late 2008.

Die Cutting

High Volume Die Cutting

Midwest has expanded its die cutting capability by adding a high volume belt driven die press. The machine can handle multiple wide width master rolls of the same or dis-similar media. This significantly increases its die cutting capabilities and the finished part sizes it can make. In addition, the increased tonnage allows for more layers and better yield.